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Quick back story time with Maddy!

Ok so, when I first started talking/seeing my daemon, I thought I was crazy. I was very close to telling a doctor or someone because it kinda scared me. But I did more research into it and found out there was a name for him. “Dæmon.” of course I thought at first it was complete bull crap and I really was insane, but then I started looking more into it. Ever since then, I’ve had him by my side and I talk to him frequently. Still doesn’t have a name, or well at least I don’t know it yet. And he hasn’t had a settled form in a while so I’m guessing he won’t be settling down anytime soon. I find it interesting that I can see him well and talk to him well, as I’ve heard some people can’t. Does that just mean I have a strong soul or? I don’t really know. But even if he sometimes is a sarcastic little prick, hes loving and caring and I can’t live without him by my side.
He’s currently in the form of a ferret, and he usually takes on the form of smaller animals which is really awesome because I can carry him on my shoulder or my head.

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Day 29: Daemons: You get to decide what to do this day. What are your fun forms?

Since I’ve already talked about Patamon and Raikou, I thought I’d take today to talk about my other animated ‘fun forms’. I know I spoke a bit about Luxray before too, but I’ll elaborate here. I guess I’ve just always seen myself as an Electric type - both of my Pokemon forms are Electric. I don’t take Luxray form too much, but it’s nice sometimes for being big when I don’t want to go all the way to Raikou. I like to run in it a lot, especially when Aisu is biking. Aisu also included my Luxray form in her Pokemon/Killjoy crossover universe, which just made it even more special to me. I sometimes take Shinx and Luxio form too, usually when Aisu’s playing Pokemon and wants me to act it out or cheer her on in Pokemon form.

Anyway, after I began taking Patamon form I chose a line of Digivolutions for me to take occasionally for pretend time. Aisu and I went to the DMA + Digidex website and clicked around until we found the perfect line. It starts with Puttimon as the fresh form, Cupimon for In-Training, Patamon for Rookie, Reppamon for Champion, and Qilinmon for Ultimate. As big fans of Digimon Tamers, Aisu and I decided that my Mega form would be a Biomerged combination of me and her. She draws our made up Mega form sometimes, but I don’t have any pictures here to show you right now. 

Puttimon and Cupimon are super cute forms that I take just to mess around. Reppamon is also good for running, but I prefer Luxray. Quilinmon is probably the rarest form out of all of these, even more than Raikou. It’s pretty much only used when Aisu and I are playing pretend. It’s really big and cool though, and Aisu likes to imagine riding on my back while I fly.

All of these forms are important to me and Aisu and are a part of who we are. I may be a settled Arctic fox, but these fun forms make up a big part of my identity. Especially Patamon… Patamon is absolutely just as much ‘me’ as my settled form.

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This is VERY hypothetical, I don’t think I currently possess the skill to do this, but does anyone think that I would be able to take my daemon, who is a mental construct, and make her a separate being from myself?

Sort of like an artificial animal guide? If so, how would I go about it? Again, Hypothetical. I’m not going to try any time soon, I’m just intrigued by the idea.

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30 Days of Daemonism: Days 6-14


Day 6: Is there a form that you used to think fit your personality but you’ve changed to the point where it no longer fits? 

The Gelada baboon, and most primates actually. Magnus tended to change a lot of forms during the beginning, trying to find what suited us. 

Day 7: Daemons: What’s your favorite form and why?
Magnus: “I like being smaller but huggable things. Being a wolf is fine but not particularly huggable because of size. I prefer being a cat. I tend to change depending on situation though. Like a lion when she’s feeling typically threatened or nervous, or angry. I like all the forms I’ve tried out to a degree. Being stuck in one form forever just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing we’d do.” 
 Day 8: Do you have forms you can only take on certain occasions?
Magnus: “Yes. A lion arises when the feelings of anger or nervousness come out, and I can’t keep it otherwise.  But my forms are just primarily an Abyssinian Cat and a Gray Wolf. Variety is good, too much is confusing. Which is why I tend to try out many forms for a short while then move on.” 
Day 9: Daemons: What did you do before your human discovered you and made proper contact?
Magnus: “Nagged a lot. And was dutifully ignored I might add, nowadays she takes the advice and thinks of my nagging as love. Which it is. We love ourselves that much.” 
Day 10: Do you ever wish to switch daemons with someone on the forum? 

Day 11: Would you tell future partners/future children about daemonism?
Most of my friends already have daemons. Future partners, I probably will tell. I’m open about everything. Ask my friends. As for children, definitely. They’re going to have imaginary friends anyway. And once you start hitting the teenage years it’s just a hellhole of hormones and school work- it’s better to have some stable point and at least keep an active imagination in order to get away from everything with more ease. 
 Day 12: Daemons: What do you associate with your human?
Magnus: “Orange cream popsicles. Barbecue sauce. Hannibal. The smell of pine needles. The, ‘I Don’t Know what I expected gif’.” 
 Day 13: What is your daemon’s color?
Well, I associate Magnus with the color sea green, those are his eyes. But if we’re talking forms, then he’s a red Abyssinian cat or a beige wolf. 
Day 14: What do you always associate with your daemon?
Manners. Etiquette. Glasses. Books. Nagging. Nagging. Did I mention Nagging? But Magnus has a good head on his shoulders. He’s like a parent. He’s an old guy. 

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on a happier note one of my friends today told me just how arctic fox-like i am. i’ve known him for four years but we never got much deeper than hanging out at a dance or two and saying hi in the hallways. 

after i told him my whole “coming-out-as-asexual” story he told me “i never would have known any of this” and i said “yeah, it’s arctic fox thing, thick outer coat and all, but once you get to know me i’m really open about everything”

and he just stared at me like i had explained the meaning of the universe and he was like “you’re right, i could never see through all that fur, you really are an arctic fox” and i just smiled so hard because i rarely get form validation from other people like that, and it made me so happy to know that i am perceived as arctic fox-like by others!!!!

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I kind of want to turn my daemon Wryn into a tulpa.

I mean, turning him into one would destroy is daemon status, (I think?) but I feel bad because I’m giving Val more attention than him. I used to interact with him on a regular basis. The thing is, I think he turned into a tulpa on his own— he decided he was a boy (previously he was Wryndelonia) and over time he even developed his own voice (a little boy’s, which I had no part in choosing.) So maybe he kind of is already? If so, he’s farther along than Val, who isn’t even vocal yet. 

But I think working on two tulpas in the beginning stages is a bit much. But I don’t want to abandon either of them.

(On the plus side, Wryn has already settled into a exotic shorthair cat and doesn’t really shapeshift much. And I can imagine his form very clearly— clearer than Val’s.)

Ugh. Should I work on them both? Wryn kind of deviates from wanting to be a tulpa from wanting to be a daemon. He’s indecisive like that.)

Can he be both?

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I hope you don't mind a different new daemian asking a question! I've only been really been into daemonism for a couple of days, but I find it easy to talk to my daemon? His personality/form/voice etc I haven't been able to fully pinpoint yet obv, but actually taking my inner dialogue and recognizing it as my daemon and carrying on more of a back and forth conversation is kind of easy for me. Am I rushing it or forcing it? I'm worrying I'm doing it all wrong :(


Oh man that’s awesome! I’m glad you’re able to connect to your daemon so easily. It’s a pretty personal thing and so there’s no real “wrong” way to do daemonism. However, I’d hardly say being able to communicate with your dae early on is bad in any way! It’s great that you’re finding it easy, and the other things, personality and voice separation and such, will come with time. 

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